Split Shot Fishing

The Split Shot Fishing Setup is a straightforward rig that will allow you to cast your bait farther and keep it submerged.This rig is a straightforward but efficient setup for any fishing situation.

The split shot technique is a fantastic strategy to capture limitations of bass that are keepers. Who among the tournament anglers would contest its effectiveness?

The ideal depth for split shotting, a finesse technique, is 20 feet or less. Although it can be worked at greater depths, the sensitivity declines. For fishermen who are uncertain about their worm fishing skills, the split shot setup is nothing like conventional worm fishing.

Split Shot Fishing

What is a Split Shot Rig?

The components of a split shot rig, which are frequently constructed of tungsten or lead, are three. a lure of your choice, a split shot weight, and a fishing hook. These lures are frequently soft plastics of some kind.

At least six inches are added to the split shot weight before the hook. More split shot is added, for instance, if more than one weight is required to provide a faster sink rate. But it’s crucial to space the split shot weights at least an inch apart.

When split shot fishing, the weight or weights must be pressed up against the line and secured with fishing pliers or additional pressure.Most, if not all, split shot weights feature a slit for the line to slide through. This enables the angler to use fishing pliers to secure them to the line more firmly.

A more realistic presentation of the lure or bait is possible when the split shot weights are strategically positioned at the distances from the hook and from one another as described above, both during sinking and recovery.


┬áScenario’s for a Split Shot Rig

Any fishing situation can benefit from the usage of split shot rigs. As an illustration, consider freshwater, saltwater, and trout fishing.The split shot rig is the prefered method for bass fishing, according to many fishermen.

While utilising a split shot rig, many saltwater fisherman would concur that even the most obstinate lures can be presented in a more natural manner.More weight will frequently be required when utilising a split shot weight in a saltwater environment to generate a better sink rate.

By enabling the angler to easily attach the shot to the line, a split shot rig makes adding extra weight much more doable than most other rigs.Bass fishermen also like to fish using split shot. It is possible to spend more time in the water and less time tying by adjusting the weight as necessary.

The split shot bass rig is revolutionary!

Split shot rigs work incredibly well with soft plastics, especially worms. More weight at the top of the line ensures a more realistic presentation. And as everyone who has ever caught bass will attest, getting the big ones is essential.

Split Shot Fishing

Using a Split Shot Rig

One of, if not the easiest to set up and utilise, is a split shot rig. The hook, the split shot, and the lure are the components, as we discussed in the definition.

Add the bait of your choosing after you’ve connected the hook to your prefered line. This is frequently a soft plastic, typically a worm. Split shot weight, however, can be advantageous for any light bait.

Six inches from the hook’s tying point, attach the split shot weight. Slide the line into the split if the split shot has one, then squeeze with fishing pliers if it does.

If your split shot doesn’t already have a split, you can attach it by squeezing the line with your fishing pliers against it on the side. Split shot is pliable enough to let it be pushed around a line.

You can start fishing as soon as you’re attached. Apply the same technique to adding additional shot if you determine that your condition requires it, adding it approximately one inch from the last.

After casting a split shot rig, let the lure sink for a few seconds before beginning your technique of retrieval. A split shot rig has the advantage of being particularly adaptable to finesse fishing. Therefore, a split shot rig is a smart idea regardless of your strategy.

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Insider Tips

Split shot rigs have been around for a while, and given how simple they are to operate and how successful they are, I predict they will remain quite popular.The ability to instantly change in any fishing setting is perhaps what makes utilising a split shot rig so popular, as most anglers would concur.

Split shot should always be present in good supply in your fishing tackle box. You never know when it might be useful!I’m hoping that this piece has been educational and has restored your faith in the split shot rig. Please leave us a remark; we love to hear from you.

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