Fly Fishing Utah – 6 Popular Spots

The other activities supported by the winter’s bounty receive less attention, despite Utah being known for its skiing and snowboarding. The runoff from The Greatest Snow on Earth’s annual melting provides some of the top rivers and lakes for fly fishing Utah in the nation.

The variety of fly fishing Utah contributes to its uniqueness. Incredibly diverse fisheries and experiences are made possible by the state’s varied geology and climate. You’ll find what you’re searching for in Utah, whether you’re looking for the seclusion that comes with fishing deep in the high mountains or just a roadside place to sneak in a few casts after work.

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Here are five of our top fly fishing Utah locations

Fish are biting someplace at all times of the year. Local fly shops continue to be your best source for insider information and advice on how to reel in the most fish. On the water, we’ll run into you.

Just a few feet apart, the Provo and Weber rivers emerge from the Uinta Mountains. As they progress towards Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake, respectively, they split apart and pick up various feeder tributaries.

Despite sharing similar ancestry, the two rivers have different personalities and each provides a wide range of fishing opportunities, from roadside fishing near Salt Lake City and Provo to swift mountain streams.

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Provo River Fly Fishing

The Provo River is well known for its reliability and provides excellent fishing in several locations along its length every day of the year. The lower Provo boasts excellent fishing in a more urban setting and is floatable, whereas the upper Provo’s fast-moving water along the Mirror Lake Highway only attracts approximately half as many anglers as downstream places.

Due to its closeness to populated areas, the lower level can occasionally become very crowded. Fly fishing classes and guided trips are available from Sundance Mountain Outfitters through Sundance Mountain Resort.

provo river

Weber River Fly Fishing 

Due to farmed irrigation along its course, the Weber can be a little less reliable than the Provo, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find fantastic fishing. Deep pools of brook, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout can be found in the upper Weber above Rockport Reservoir, while the tailwaters below meander through the fields of Wanship and Coalville.

When seeking for enormous, trophy-caliber brown trout, the lower Weber, which has comparably less fish, is the place to go.

weber river

Fremont River Fly Fishing

What makes fly fishing on the Fremont River such a special activity? In the heart of the desert, there is a trout river. A breathtaking landscape may be seen just a few miles north of Capitol Reef National Park’s sandstone domes and arches on the Fish Lake Plateau.

Below the Johnson Valley Reservoir, in the Fremont, there is a tailwater fishery that extends eight miles to the Mill Meadow Reservoir. Anglers can occasionally catch tiger muskies among the deep pools and shady river bends in that area, in addition to the more common cutthroat and brook trout.

A nutrient-rich spring that cools the river between Bicknell Bottoms and the town of Torrey, below the Mill Meadow Reservoir, offers for excellent big fish hunting.

Red Castle Lake Fishing 

A big effort can occasionally result in a big payoff. Red Castle Lake fishing definitely meets that description. Upper Red Castle Lake is a strenuous 13-mile journey away, but those who are up for the challenge are rewarded with vistas of soaring red rock pillars overlooking a vividly coloured glacial lake at an elevation of 11,300 feet in the High Uinta Wilderness Area.

By taking such a difficult route, you are unavoidably incorporating hiking into your fly fishing, which has advantages. An experienced fly fisherman I spoke with remarked, “You’re not likely to see anyone else fishing up there, and it’s chock full of trout.”

He fishes Red Castle Lake every year. “If you catch the fish at the right time, the ice is only off the lake for a few months. Pinecones can be tied to your line, and they will eat them.

Despite exaggerated descriptions of voracious fish, fishing at Red Castle Lake is worth the trip just for the scenery. The icing on the cake is catching a few fish.

mirror lake

Mirror Lake Fishing 

The traditional stillwater fishing spot in the Uinta Mountains is Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake, a picturesque location about 45 minutes from Park City, is named for the almost perfect mirror of the surrounding mountains it offers.

You can stop and fish the upper portions of the Provo River while travelling up or down the Mirror Lake Highway (UT-150 out of Kamas). When you’re ready to go fishing, you can fish from the shore, wade in, or get in a kick boat and cruise around the middle of a stunning, undeveloped lake. Mirror Lake is easily accessible from any location thanks to a walkway that encircles it.

Despite the large number of anglers in the area, Mirror Lake is frequently supplied with brook and rainbow trout, so there are usually plenty of fish biting.


Green River Fly Fishing Utah

Among fly fishermen, the Green River has a famous reputation. The Green River, which originates in Wyoming’s Wind River Range, flows into Utah from below the Flaming Gorge Dam. Fishing from a drift boat is good all year round thanks to the chilly, regulated flow, which is devoid of substantial seasonal variations.

The Green River is where you can find what many seasoned anglers consider to be the best fly fishing in the state thanks to its gin clean water and many hatches. The Green River’s reputation is greatly influenced by Section A of the river, which is right below the dam and is home to a substantial population of trout.

The 500-foot cliffs that tower above are undoubtedly helpful. While section C exits the canyon and meanders twists around a high desert plains, section B includes a variety of fishing with deep holes similar to the one above as well as some desert mountain torrents farther down.

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