Silver Salmon Fishing Alaska

Does silver salmon fishing Alaska match up to say game fishing.Consisting of Tarpons, Wahoo, Marlins and Tunas, these all-time favorites are what made high sea big game fishing the most widely enjoyed sport.

For the freshwater game fishing, nothing beats the classic bass fishing. The bass fishing industry and other related industries have evolved to become multi-billion dollar commercial institutions.

One prominent institution is the Annual Bass Master Classic Tournament which involves several prominent anglers.

As prospects for game fish expanded, salmon fishing became a next nominee. Equally tricky to bait, most especially when fishing during spawning season on salmon runs, these fish are mostly coy in even nipping at the bait and the slightest provocation will make them dart away.

Silver Or Coho Salmon

Among the most prevailing salmon game specie is the Silver salmon, also known as the Coho salmon.

The silver salmon is an anadromous fish, meaning their life cycle takes them on migration practices. Whilst young, they spend most of their time in the river where they are spawned.

As they mature they start to head for the ocean where they will grow to an average size of 38 inches and an average weight of 10 pounds though they can grow up to 36 pounds in weight.

Silvers are known to feed frenetically, gobbling up anything they can fit into their mouths and that’s what made them among the fast growing salmon species.

When fishing for silvers, they are known for one famous reality, they fight back with their anglers reel for reel.

The Strength Of Silver Salmon

A somersaulting 30 pound silver can weaken any angler with lesser resolve and there have been so many occasions that tackles were wrenched free from anglers’ hands or lines severed from the constant acrobatic displays.

Another interesting reality about silver fishing is the silver’s voracious feeding instinct, its reckless abandon on pursuing lures and baits.

Silver’s are sought after as they are a delectable treat. The ‘wild’ silver salmon especially whose fat is considerably lesser than most salmon specie taste best.

It is a staple fare of several North American residents. The natural habitats are usually shallow water which allows anglers access to them directly from banks and small charter boats.

Are you interested in trying your luck with salmon fishing? Less confident anglers should maybe try trolling first. It is often rewarding, especially during salmon spawning seasons.

But if you’re up to par for a challenge, nothing beats landing a silver with a fly. Just be sure to get those cameras working when you are salmon fishing.

silver salmon

Silver Salmon Fishing Alaska

Care to try silver salmon fishing in Alaska? Fishing enthusiasts from around the world gather every year in Alaska for hope of catching huge fish. Why Alaska?

Alaska is one of the many silver fishing destinations in the world, where huge silver fish are as healthy and flourishing as in Alaska itself.

And because silver fishing is sometimes fast-paced with 2 to three catches every fishing trip, keeping all anglers on their toes, are one of the interesting facts of salmon fishing in Alaska.

Anglers always dream of coming to Alaska to experience catching big fish, with which it is famous for.

Besides salmon fishing in Alaska, anglers also come to learn fishing techniques, but it doesn’t end there because there’s more to learning than you think. Not only fishing is great, but getting there is already half the fun.

You get to see some scenic views that can make your eyes pop from admiration. The whole package of Alaska, that include spectacular scenery, wildlife, culture, as well as activities are what captivate visitors and keep them coming back.

And speaking of visitors coming to Alaska, one of the most sought after guided or unguided float trips is salmon fishing.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Season

Salmon fishing in Alaska is unfortunately not a year round activity,only available during early August until the end of the month or simply called as early fall of Alaska.

A course of rather short duration of fishing thrill, the fishery provides approximately three weeks of exciting fishing before closing at the end of the month.

During the salmon fishing season in Alaska, the sizes of the silvers are too big averaging from 7-10 pounds. In some years, if ocean feeding conditions are better, the average weight of the salmon can reach up to more than ten pounds with regular catches of 15 to 17- pound fish.

silver salmon

Trophy Class Silvers

Trophy class or twenty-pound silvers are now possible at the present. And even if silvers are smaller that their king salmon cousins, they still managed to amuse anglers with their acrobatic tricks, usually doing cartwheels and jumping around over and over after being hooked.

It is impossible to go back home with slumped shoulders due to disappointment of not catching any silvers with silver salmon fishing in Alaska.

So when a silver fresh from saltwater takes your bait with only less than a rod’s length, you better have strong hands and arms enough to hold your catch. Bottom line is, your whole experience with silver salmon fishing in Alaska is guaranteed to turn out a huge success!

So, plan your Alaska fishing vacation ahead of time, to make sure you can come on the right time for fishing season.

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