Peacock Bass Fishing

When Peacock Bass fishing, it is important to remember that this species is distinguished by its unique brilliant orange fins and a body colour that ranges from pale to dark yellow. Lines are formed by vertical black bars on either side of the fish.

Typically, the belly is pale or nearly white. Similar to largemouth bass, the upper jaw of the peacock bass is movable and extends far beyond the rear border.

The TOP Destinations in the world to travel and catch trophy peacock bass are Florida, Panama, and Brazil.

Peacock bass fishing

The Florida Peacock Bass in detail

In south Florida, the butterfly peacock, often known as peacock bass, is a common freshwater game fish that was introduced in 1984. It is easily caught by fishermen from the shore and from boats using a variety of gear and bait, including live shiners, artificial lures, and flies.

While largemouth bass fisherman frequently use plastic worms to catch largemouths, peacock bass in South Florida prefer live fish and fish resembling baits.

The Overview Of South Florida

The FWC made the decision to introduce the exotic species after carefully compiling the information and reviewing it with specialists from all throughout the country. Butterfly peacocks were brought in by FWC from Brazil and Peru.

Then, using three populations to improve genetic diversity, they were hatched at the FWC’s Non-Native Fish Research Lab. They were stocked after being examined for illness and parasites by the Auburn University and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Today’s self-sustaining butterfly peacock fishery covers 330 miles of canals in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. The programme has no ongoing costs because extra stockings are not required. However, it delivers almost $5 million in yearly economic value and roughly 286,000 enjoyable hours of angling each year.

angler holding a bass

Peacock species

The size of the 15 different Peacock Bass species varies. The most prevalent species in the United States is the Butterfly Peacock bass, a medium-sized fish with a weight range of 6 to 15 pounds. The Speckled Peacock Bass, the biggest species, can reach lengths of over 36 inches. Around the same time as the butterfly, speckled peacock bass were introduced to South Florida, but none of them survived. The illegal capture of spotted peacocks has been prohibited in South Florida for more than 16 years. The Royal Peacock Bass, which can reach a maximum length of 10 inches, is the smallest.

Where to Find and Catch Peacock Bass

Anywhere south of Palm Beach County is a good place to catch these gorgeous fish. Fishing for peacock bass is often best done in Miami, especially for larger ones. However, fishing excursions in Palm Beach are very well-liked due to the possibility of catching the clown knife fish, another uncommon species.

You have a good chance of catching common saltwater species like tarpon and snook when peacock bass fishing in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, including snook. Although excursions to fish for peacock bass are taken throughout the year, there are normally two prime seasons: between March and June and between September and December. The majority of large fish above four pounds are caught at these times.

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Suggestions From The Local Pros

Fallen trees, bridge pilings, canal ends, drop-offs, lily pads, bends, and intersections are all good places to catch this alien species of fish, as are shaded regions created by bridges, culverts, and other structures.

Nearly all butterfly peacocks are captured during the day. Using live bait is the simplest technique to catch butterfly peacocks. A three-inch-long tiny golden shiner is a popular option. locally known as a “peacock shiner.”

Casting or slow-trolling with an electric motor along canal borders are two methods of fishing for them that anglers might use. To catch shiners at the right depth, a tiny split shot weight could be needed.

Since peacock bass rarely bite in the early morning or at night, it is easy to approach them from canal banks or boats. Daytime fishing is best. Use little golden shiners, crankbaits that resemble minnows, or topwater plugs to concentrate your efforts in rocky areas close to a structure.

The ideal method is light tackle. By speaking with nearby bait and tackle stores, reading fishing reports, and consulting fishing guides, one can learn about the greatest fishing spots.

Peacock Bass Fishing In Florida

Florida has a tonne of fantastic locations for peacock bass fishing, particularly in the south. These tough fish can be found along the area from Palm Beach County to Key Largo. Also in Dade and Broward counties are several excellent fishing spots.

Let’s look at some of the best fishing locations in the Sunshine State.

peacock bass fishing

Miami Peacock Bass Fishing

Butterfly Peacock Bass fishing may not be the first activity that comes to mind while planning a trip to Miami. But Miami’s fishing grounds also contain some of the best fishing places in the state, in addition to fun times at the beach and awesome parties.

A lot of fisherman visit the nearby canals to test their prowess against these powerful fish. There are almost 40 miles of fishing grounds to discover, but some of the greatest places in Miami to capture a peacock bass are Snapper Creek and the Tamiami Canals System.

Typically, the Peacock Bass shelters under rocks and between bridge pilings. They may also be found close to any underwater structures.

Because of South Florida’s temperate temperature and liking of warm water, butterfly peacock bass can swim all year long. Although you can hunt them in any season, local experts advise that the optimum time to do so is from the beginning of March until the end of May.

You don’t have to get out on the water too early because this fish typically hunts during the day when there is plenty of light.

West Palm Beach Fishing

Fishing action in West Palm Beach is renowned for being excellent. This town ought to be on your list if you want to catch a peacock bass! Huge fish are seen in abundance in the freshwater canals that encircle the town.

The “exotic species outings” that the local operators typically give let you pursue a variety of non-native species, including Snakehead, Clown Knife Fish, and of course, Peacock Bass.

Sometimes the waters are too narrow for boats, so you can go on excursions with kayaks or even on foot. The Peacock Bass and Largemouth Bass cohabit the same area, making it an excellent location for even more fruitful fishing.

peacock bass fishing

South Florida Fishing

Peacock Bass fishing has only recently begun to gain popularity in Fort Lauderdale because there are so many fantastic fishing options there. The fishing potential of this unusual species and its tenacious attitude are beginning to be recognised by anglers.

All seasons are suitable for fishing in Fort Lauderdale for this specimen, but the hotter months are when you’ll have the best luck. You may get the most out of your vacation by working with one of the several fishing guides in the area who specialise in fishing excursions for this South American fighter.

Fishing Naples Fl

Families really like peacock bass fishing in Naples. They are a little bit simpler to catch because they don’t get as big as they do in other regions of the state. Even the most novice fisherman will quickly become hooked on fishing because to their stunning colours! Don’t worry if you’re a professional fisherman; there are also some fantastic prospects for you.

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